The Ideal Place for your Weeding – Hameaux des Lacs, South of France

photo-mariage-1024x682-300x200 The Ideal Place for your Weeding – Hameaux des Lacs, South of France, nearby Toulouse, Occitania Region

In the heart of the 3 Lacs de Monclar-De-Quercy, with a unique location in the South of France, in the Occitania region, the Hameaux des Lacs holidays resort is the ideal romantic and authentic place to celebrate one of the most beautifull day of your life. You can organise at our resort your ceremony, your cocktail or your banquet diner of your dreams !

Before and during the D-Day, you will be helped and guided by our professionnal team, that will be fully dedicated to your event. And in order to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience for you and your guests, the Hameaux des Lacs resort have large enough accommodation capacity so everybody can sleep on the sport and enjoy the moment !

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Choose Your Reception Hall :

Les Hameaux des Lacs in the heart of the Occitania region in France, offers a large reception room, for the perfect romantic D-Day. Enjoy a calm resort in the heart of the South of Francewhere relaxing and ressourcing will be your main concerns.

Located at the heart of our residence, we offer a spacious reception room for your D-Day ceremony or reception, that can welcome up to 130 guests. With this fully equipped room (bar area, sound system, tables and chairs..) offer your guests a memorable moment, at the Hameaux des lacs holidays resort, an eco-friendly, authentic and wecloming residence!

For always more comfort and space, we can set-up a Marquee tent of 150 sqm, to welcome up to 400 guests.

Superficy Cocktail Set-up Banquet Diner Set-up
Reception Hall 150 sqm 160  guests 130 guests
Marquee Tent 500 guests 400 guests

Our Weeding Furnitures :

    • 10 exterior plastic tables / 37 interior tables / 125 chairs / 20 exterior bench
    • 3 small fridges / 1 double sink / Coffee Percolator 100 Cups  / 1 glass washing machine / 1 microwave / 1 special 380V electrical outlet for ovens (oven not offered)
  • 1 sound system (large speakers, microphone, CD and DVD players) / 1 Patio heater  / 1 paperboard / 1 flat screen TV 105 cm / 1 special glass fridge / 1 video projector

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Your Weeding Accommodation :

Discover our nature cottages, measuring 35 sqm and that can welcome up to 6 guests. Located in the heart of the 3 Monclar Lakes, you will enjoy eco-friendly and fully equipped apartments, especially designed to welcome large families and friend groups for the D-Day, in the authentic atmosphere of South of France.

Those  high quality standards accommodations, are the ideal place to welcome your entire family and friend during your weeding reception or ceremony ! Our cottages will seduce you with their warm interior design and decoration, as well as with their unique location, in the picturesque Monclar de Quercy

Our apartments are perfect for couples looking for a romantic  atmosphere,  in the middle of the nature, to organise their weeding ! 

Plan-LACS-300x190 The Ideal Place for your Weeding – Hameaux des Lacs, South of France, nearby Toulouse, Occitania Region

Customizable Banquet Diner & Gourmet French cuisine: 

Whatever the number of guests or the atmosphere you desire to create for your weeding, our professionnal and experienced team helps you to choose your perfect buffet, cocktail, delightful menu as well as culinaries animations, the table decoration etc…

Regarding your requirements and your budget we will establish a personnalized price quote, that we will respect seriously until the D-day. Choose the service that will create the emotion for your weeding reception and ceremony …

You would prefer a thematical and personnalized banquet diner ? We offer a high standards french gourmet cuisine, with private chef services, and customizable regarding your requirements and expectations. A unqiue menu will be created, to offer a unique food experience for your weeding !

Nearby Restaurant :

All types of restaurants in Monclar de Quercy and its surroundings:

  • Brasserie / Pizzeria O’Sulivan, Place de la Gendarmerie, Monclar de Quercy
  • Restaurant L’Hostellerie des Lacs, 12 avenue du Lac, Monclar de Quercy
  • Restaurant Le Vieux Fut, Lieu dit Le Bourg, La Salvetat Belmontet
  • Restaurant Chez Terrassier, Vaissac, Negrepelisse
  • Restaurant Le Délice des Papilles, Lieu dit Le Bugarel Montricoux
  • Gourmet and traditional restaurants at Vaïssac and Bioule

You green & nature weeding Activities & Animations :

Experience the nature and the beauty of our holidays resort surroundings, in the South of France nearby Toulouse, where the calm and relaxing atmosphere will be your only concerns, to fully seize the day of your weeding.

Welcome your entire friends group and family members in an ideal romantic place, where a various range of activities will be possible to experience !

The Hameaux des Lacs offers you an original weeding, so this day will remain unique in everybody’s mind !

Choose your new discovery in the South of France, nearby Toulouse:

Benefit from the expertise and knowledges of our team to ensure the sucess of your weeding activities organisation ! In the heart of a colorful and animated region, the Hameaux des Lacs is offering a various range of activities and cultural experiences in the Touraine region surroundings  :

    • Green Weeding & Sport: accrobranche, paintball et laser, nautisme (canoé-kayak, char à voile, bateau, jet ski, standup paddle, …), randonnées pédestres ou VTT, courses d’orientation, bowling, golf, mini golf, tennis, sand rugby, centre équestre, quad, rosalie.
    • Green Weeding & Gastronomy
    • Green Weeding & Cultural discoveries
    • Night club
  • Green Weeding & Thalassotherapy, Spa and Balneotherapy

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