The 3 Monclar Lakes – South of France, Occitania Region


Coming at Les Hameaux des Lacs, your rental will give you access to the leisure of 3 Lacs of Monclar. This database is the only Blue Flag of the Tarn and Garonne region. This base is changing, improving from year to year, offering more and more activity, the area is 50 hectares, making it one of the largest in the region and has 3 locations:

  • A pool party consists of two pools in the open air and an indoor pool that runs from spring to fall, there is also a Pentogliss and slide.
  • The swimming lake consists of beaches and solariums, waterslide, decorative waterfall, paddle boats, pontoons …
  • The fishing lake with the opportunity throughout the year to fish by paying a card sold at the tourist office

pêche The 3 Monclar Lakes

A snack bar is also open and welcomes you from July to August with:

  • Drinks: Beer, Coca-Cola, Orangina, Perrier, Oasis, Lipton, mineral water 50 cl, Syrup, Coffee
  • Meals: Chips (large package), Fries, Sandwich, Panini, Sausage / Merguez Frites
  • Desserts: Panini Nutella Crepe Sucre, Crepe Nutella
  • Ice Creams: Italian Ice Cream, Magnum, Eskimos, Press UP

BasedeLoisir1-1024x682 The 3 Monclar Lakes

” Petit Train “: Unique in Midi Pyrénées for children and all, the train runs along the leisure in a replica of the Orient Express. Enjoy a pleasant tour of the base while discovering the history of Tarn & Garonne

PetitTrain-300x225 The 3 Monclar Lakes

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